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MagiCore Academy is the perfect solution for a wide range of curriculum needs. Whether you’re a teacher looking for engaging curriculum supplements or a home-school parent who wants the best learning experiences for your children, MagiCore Academy is for you!

MagiCore Academy has hundreds of interactive activities that were designed by educators to be both effective and engaging.

And unlike other online programs, MagiCore Academy puts you in control of what your students learn. So you can assign activities that align with your lessons, scaffold skills, review to keep skills sharp, or just have some fun.

The activities in MagiCore Academy open so many doors for educators. For instance, let’s say you’re covering main idea. Start off by assigning a main idea Digital Mini Lesson to ensure understanding, then follow it up with a few main idea focused Interactive Readers for practice. Finish it up with a main idea focused Wizarding Escape Room. This is just one example of the hundreds of ways MagiCore Academy can support your instruction and help you get the best out of your students.

How MagiCore Academy Works

When you sign up for MagiCore Academy, you get instant access to hundreds of interactive reading, math, and cross-curricular learning activities that are used in tens of thousands of classrooms across the country.

Interactive activities make learning fun, so students get engaged and stay engaged.

Each activity is crafted to deliver meaningful learning experiences that develop key reading, math, and critical thinking skills.

Fully voiced activities and lessons are perfect for emerging readers, students with learning disabilities, and any student who wants to challenge their reading skills.

Choose From Over 850 Engaging Learning Activities

Designed to Help Students Grasp Key Learning
Concepts & Understand the World Around Them

With MagiCore Academy you get unlimited access to a growing library of Virtual Field Trips, Reading Escape Rooms, Math Escape Rooms, Interactive Readers, Digital Lessons, and Learning Games.

“My students absolutely love the virtual field trips!

I love the learning activities that are attached in order for students to demonstrate their understanding and take accountability for their independent learning.”

Julie S.
3rd Grade Teacher

“My students have LOVED these escape rooms.

They work through them as a team, and I am seeing an improvement in their understanding of the standards.”

Allison T.
3rd Grade Teacher

“Do you know how much time you've saved me???

I love doing virtual field trips with my kids and have been building out all the resources myself. This is a PERFECT way to save time and assign a great activity for my kids. Thanks!!”

Janel R.
4th Grade Teacher


Whether You're Practicing Key Skills or Exploring the World, MagiCore Academy Has It All!

Over 850 interactive resources, conveniently organized into primary, elementary, and middle-grade trips that make learning more effective, efficient and fun.

These aren’t your average teaching resources.

These are enriching, fun and time-saving interactive resources that are trusted by hundreds of thousands of teachers and nurturing the curiosity of millions of students.

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MagiCore Academy includes everything you need to go from “my students just don’t seem interested” to “my students flat-out love my lessons”


Here’s a Sneak Peek of What’s Waiting For You Inside MagiCore Academy

With MagiCore Academy, your students can go anywhere and do anything.

Explore volcanoes, the arctic, or the desert. Travel to the bottom of the ocean to visit the Titanic, back in time to Revolutionary Period Boston, or jump to the 1960s to learn about the Space Race.

Here’s how you can invite your students to advance key skills, discover other cultures, people and places, and look forward to learning (plus a whole heap of other benefits that come with your membership).

When You Join MagiCore Academy You’ll Have…

Access your teacher dashboard to view over 850 learning activities, load your student list, and assign activities to your learners. You can track learner progress and review student answers right in the platform.

Our self-directed assignments incorporate reading, writing, and math activities. Multimedia is integrated with thought-provoking exercises to keep students engaged- all with helpful voice recordings to keep kids on track.

With MagicCore Academy you can have loads of fun while engaging in meaningful learning.

Unlimited access to 850+ learning activities for a variety of subjects, topics, and seasons… all with one login.

No-prep lessons available at the click of a button that are aligned with standards and perfect for all students.

The ability to assign activities trips to students based on the criteria you choose, like interest or readiness.

Individual student accounts where kids can log in and complete assignments without distraction.

An easy-to-navigate list of student responses so you can monitor student progress and make instructional adjustments.

A browser-based app (no messy Google slides) that lets students learn anywhere they have a device and internet connection.

Simple portal to create accounts for your students, search for resources, assign resources and check completion status.

Complete flexibility to preview resources in full before assigning to certain students or to an entire class.

Rigorous and engaging resources created by teachers, for teachers, so you can trust they align with your needs.

Above all else, you’ll be able to create memorable learning experiences for your students in a way that will stay with them beyond the classroom.

*Cancel anytime
*Explore MagiCore Academy risk-free
*Zero Risk. Zero Commitment


Frequently Asked Questions

Enjoy 10 days of unlimited access to everything Academy has to offer. Monthly and Annual subscribers get access for the first ten days for free.

We’ll charge your credit card on file beginning on Day 11. If you cancel before your trial expires, you will not be charged.

Nope! You can cancel right inside the MagiCore Academy platform without talking to a human. No awkward conversations required.

MagiCore Academy has digital resources for primary, elementary, and middle school. There is more elementary content than primary and middle, but since you’ll have access to all the digital resources, you can use resources that are on, above, and below grade level to meet your students’ needs.

No, they’re totally virtual. This allows us to use interactive multimedia elements we wouldn’t be able to create on paper.

The license is for one teacher in one classroom or one household (homeschool parents). You must purchase multiple licenses if you are using Academy with more than one class or with a class that has over 25 students. Academy may not be used for commercial purposes (e.g. tutoring center) unless express permission is provided. If you are interested in using Academy for your school or business, please contact us at for more information.

You’ll be able to see student text answers, multiple choice results, and completion certificates (depending on resource type) in your teacher dashboard right inside the MagiCore Academy platform. You’ll be able to manage student data inside the platform, too.

You can cancel anytime. Users who cancel paid accounts will continue to have access until the end of the paid term. We do not refund or prorate canceled subscriptions. Once you cancel, your account will be downgraded to the free tier which will give you limited access to the content. Pre-cancelation student response data may be deleted.

You can visit for helpful walkthroughs, online chat support, and answers to commonly asked questions, or you can contact us via email at anytime and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

We take student privacy very seriously. We only collect student information that is necessary to provide the service, which is limited to student names, grade level, and answers to activities. Student names are requested solely for the teacher’s convenience. Teachers/Parents may further protect student privacy by entering initials or an alias for each student. We do not sell student information. Student answers are kept on file only at the teacher’s discretion and may be deleted permanently by teacher users at any time. Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.

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